Patron: Ian Stewart A.P.M. Commissioner of Police


State President: Greg Early, 07 3863 1180; 0407 960 588; early.gregory1@gmail.com
Senior State Vice President: Bob Pease, 07 3355 7441; 0401 399 839; peaserm43@gmail.com
State Vice President: Bob Atkinson, 0419 303 995; bob7767@icloud.com
State Vice President: Myles Burns, 07 3359 5984; 0424 245 344; mylesval83@gmail.com
State Vice President: Alex Granlund, 07 3352 5223; 0404 463 733; alexgranlund@hotmail.com
State Secretary: Patricia Holden, 07 3378 8714; 0428 455 406; dpholden@internode.on.net
State Treasurer: Jill Steinkamp, 0411 401 596; steinkamp.jillian@gmail.com
State Assistant Secretary: Pat Philp, 07 3351 5534; 0423 191 082; patbobphilp@dodo.com.au
Immediate Past State President: Mick O’Brien, 0409 485 134; obrienmic@gmail.com


Brisbane Welfare Officers:

Bob Atkinson (Northside) 0419 303 995; bob7767@icloud.com
Greg Early (Northside) 07 3863 1180; 0407 960 588; early.gregory1@gmail.com
Emmanuel Anthony (Southside) 07 3277 7047; emmanuel.anthony@bigpond.com
Ted Bones (Southside) 07 3398 6946; edward.bones@bigpond.com

Except as otherwise provided by the Association’s Rules and subject to resolutions of the members of the Association carried at any general meeting, the State Management Committee –
Shall have the general control and management of the administration of the affairs, property and funds of thee Association; and
Shall have authority to interpret the meaning of these Rules and any matter relating to the Association on which these Rules are silent.

With the approval of our Patron, Commissioner Ian Stewart, these meetings are usually held prior to the general meeting of the Association on the first Monday of the month, except January, in the large conference room on thee ground floor of Police Headquarters.  When the usual meeting date is a public holiday the meeting is  held on the following Monday.

These meetings are usually held in the large conference room on the ground floor of Police Headquarters on the first Monday of the month except January we enjoy refreshments from 12 midday and the meeting commences at 12:30 pm.  When the usual meeting date is a public holiday the meeting is held on the following Monday.   Usually the May meeting follows a sausage sizzle at the premises  of of the Queensland Police Union of Employees and an address by the Union’s Chief Industrial Officer.

The Association was incorporated on 13 January 1992. However, it was first formed as an unincorporated body in 1932 and used to meet in the Welfare Club above the old Roma Street Police Station.

Membership is open to a former member of the Queensland Police Service (or any other recognised Police Service) or a former Queensland Police Service Public Servant, who has retired or resigned from such service with honour and has continued to be of good character and repute.

Spouses/partners of members and police widows can join the Association as associate members.

The Association has almost one thousand three hundred life members, veteran members, senior members, members, associate members and honorary members. The main objects of the Association are to promote interaction and fellowship among members, to protect and advance the interests of its members, to support members in cases of sickness or bereavement and attend funerals of members.

The affairs of the Association are controlled to a large extent by the State Management Committee and to a lesser extent by seventeen Branches which function throughout the state and in Tasmania.

Meetings, luncheons/dinners and social outings are held by the State Management Committee and the Branches.

Meetings usually feature a quality guest speaker from within the QPS or externally. Members are invited to attend QPS functions such as medals parades, prayer vigils associated with Police Remembrance Day, PRD services and the marches which precede them.

Members do not have to attend meetings to receive some of the benefits of membership. Those on the internet can receive information of interest on a regular basis.

In addition, all members and police widows who have provided their details, receive a quarterly newsletter from the Association by post or email.

QBANK (formerly the Queensland Police Credit Union) and the Queensland Police Union of Employees continue to be great sponsors/supporters of the Association. The annual fee is $25.00 and there is no joining fee.